1st Jan, 2:45am
leech24:  happy new year
26th Dec, 10:11am
leech24:  happy christmas
26th Dec, 5:38am
seanspeed:  happy christmas everyone
29th Nov, 9:23am
mtt:  hello leech24 iw
10th Nov, 4:10pm
leech24:  hello barra0cv
5th Nov, 6:09am
sinyang:  hiii leech24
3rd Nov, 8:48am
leech24:  hi
3rd Nov, 4:29am
sandy67:  hi
3rd Nov, 3:46am
crokok:  Because my torrent client is not local to my machine as I have a seed box. Sorry, good site but this is gonna stop me using it.
2nd Nov, 4:22pm
leech24:  we dont added magnet ,why wont that
2nd Nov, 2:39pm
crokok:  How do I just grab the magnet link for a torrent on this site?
27th Oct, 6:27pm
leech24:  i miss you
27th Oct, 6:27pm
leech24:  how you doing obiwan
22nd Oct, 1:39am
seanspeed:  have a great weekend everyone
21st Oct, 9:12am
seanspeed:  got it sorted now ....cheers
20th Oct, 7:26pm
leech24:  good work by the way
20th Oct, 7:25pm
leech24:  sean how you doing
20th Oct, 2:23am
leech24:  brb
20th Oct, 2:11am
leech24:  have a good time
20th Oct, 2:10am
seanspeed:  i go work now

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